Welcome To Mac International

Mac International Company , is one of the premium establishments in the Indian Leather industry deals in split leather processing. The company is based in Kanpur which is the Industrial Hub of North India . It is a leading buffalo leather tannery . A professionally managed company dealing in the manufacturing of high quality leather for safety and lifestyle footwear , bags and belts and embossed leathers .

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to make the best of what we already know by combining it with the modern advancements . Through the years , the thrust and the essence behind the company has been its quest for excellence and enviable quality for its leather products . The Company's focus is on its quality standards and thus we ensure stringent control over quality because changing with the time , the quality of leather had improved rapidly which had gained confidence among the buyers . All the achievements has been done with the coordination of directors , staffs and workers .

Genuine leather

It last as long or looks as nice as higher quality leather products . We typically find it in belts, shoes, bags and other similar goods.

Top-grain leather

It is the grade of leather which can be find in “fine” leather goods and can be considered the middle-of-the-road quality of leather.

Full-grain leather

It is hard-as-nails and will develop a rich patina as it ages , looking more and more beautiful as you use it . It's widely recognised as the best and highest quality leather .

What we do

Mac International Company is the world's leading leather tannery which is specialised in the manufacturing of high quality leather for bags,belts,footwear and embossed leather.

We deal regularly with leading companies all over India, thats why We believe in making our patrons happy. If you want satisfaction, we are there to satisfy all your requirements. We offer excellent and wide range of finished leather available in variety of colours and sizes. We offer durability and best quality with effective cost and easy to maintain.